Hi, I'm Harsh,
A writer trying to have some fun with words

My journey began on November, 1997. I was born in a small city in India called Nagpur.
During school I got in trouble a lot. It was usually me getting myself into a fight. What can I do, I never backed off from one.
Anyways, fast forward to after high school, I took a break from studies. I didn't want to go to college simply because its something that everyone does. Instead I took some time off to figure myself out.
During this time, I played a lot of video games. I had fallen in love with gaming long before but after high school, I was unstoppable.

Taking the passion forward, I decided I wanted to be an E-sports athlete but I got burnt out very quickly.
I decided to take a step back and thank go I did.
I realized that out of everything in my life, I was the most passionate about creating stories. At the time, I hardly ever wrote or even read but I was always cooking stories in my head.
But obviously, creating stories, writing stories and writing really good stories are all very different stages of storytelling.
So here I am now, writing blogs about topics that I find interesting and at the same time sharing all the ideas about a story, no matter how weird or twisted, for you to read...

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