How to get a job that you always wanted

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Helping you understand why your job resume gets rejected

The first step

Hey…, Congrats! You made it.

You’ve just graduated and are now looking forward to getting your first job and make some grand buck.


Perhaps you’ve already spent months on a job search and gone through the countless rejections As a result, you felt the frustration of being unemployed.

In the words of Monica Bing, “Welcome to the real world! It sucks! You’re gonna love it.”

A job is the first real step that one takes to enter the “real world”. Also, jobs help to pay the bills.

The number of graduates keeps rising every year. This only makes it more difficult to land a desired job. And in most cases, we end up grabbing anything that we can grab.

But we all had that one friend in college who proved that you don’t need good grades to land a good job. Hell! So many people are at a high paying post without having a college degree or a cloud of college debt above their heads.

Ever wondered how’d they do it?

What if I told you exactly how to fast forward your career and get a job that you’ve always wanted.

Now, I am not claiming to be an employment expert. But I do believe that I can help you better understand why is it that you are still unemployed which might help you get a job you’ve always wanted.

Before we get started

There are two things that I want you to understand.

  • Begging doesn’t help you get a job, and
  • Nobody owes you a job.

Going to an interview and begging to get hired only proves that you are not a professional. It immediately places you in a bad spot. On the other hand, having a mentality that you are perfect will only stop you from growing.

Just because you went to college or showed your face at the interview, doesn’t mean that you will get the job.

Nobody owes you anything, not the company, not your college, not anyone Period!

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Now that the tough talk is out of the way, let’s help you get a job that you’ve always wanted

Think of a job as a product that needs to be sold. Just like the product would solve the problem of a customer, your services should solve the problem of the company that you are looking to get hired by.

There are two things that you’ll need to get the job you desire;

  1. Skills relevant for the job
  2. Proof that you have acquired those skills

Skills relevant for the job

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Skills must never be confused with education. For education helps you gain knowledge, skills help you achieve success. Only knowledge cannot ensure that you possess those skills.

A skill is collectively made from your knowledge, your ability to learn & grow, your experiences, your training, and your efficiency to work.

Any job requires more than just one skill because there’s more than one task to perform. To help you understand this better, let us take an example of a guy named Paul. Paul wants to be a fitness trainer. At first glance, you’d think that Paul requires knowledge regarding nutrition and training or exercises.

Right? Not quite.

Paul would require good communication skills to communicate with his clients. Business communication skills and digital marketing, and marketing skills to market himself both online and offline.

You may think that you possess all the required skills but in reality, you are just getting started.

Gaining all the relevant skills for the job

Firstly, research about the job that you want and educate yourself regarding all the duties that you would perform during the job. You’d usually find this on the job postings. If not, then just Google. You’d not believe how much free information Google provides you with.

Once you have learned about all the skills you need, its time to study. Don’t worry. I don’t mean for you to go back to college.


Pick up a book and read it or enroll in an online course.

But you said no college!

Yeah yeah, shut it.

Try going to seminars that cover the topics. Watch informative videos. Talk to people that are in your industry.

The most important step

The next step is to look for a person or a company that would like to work for. Work for them for less-no money. Try to learn and grasp from them as much as you can.

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There are so many advantages in working as an intern or a trainee apart from just building your skills.

  • Insight of the real industry.
  • Making industry connections.
  • You add more value to yourself.
  • You learn way more than you’d have otherwise.
  • Real work experience under your belt

When it comes to getting hired, your work experience is always more valuable than your education

I would suggest you not working for free. Unless you are 100% sure that the things you’ll learn will be much more valuable than money, don’t work for free. You still have to pay your bills and people can and will take advantage of you.

Also, remember that a person you worked for free will rarely want to pay for the same services you offered. Be smart about whom you work for and keep adding value to yourself.

Think of this time of your life, as an investment. Make a wise one.

You should even consider working on your private projects to gather some work samples. Practicing what you learn will only perfect your skills.

Proof that you have acquired those skills

person asked to prove their skill set
Photo by Rebrand Cities from Pexels

You can gather all the skills you want for the job, perhaps even more than required and I’ll believe you when you say that you have those skills. But an employer will never believe your words.

Neither do we live in the fantasy world of Game Of Thrones. Nor are you Jon Snow.

An employer will only believe in things that you can prove. If its education, show your degree. If its skills, prove that you have them.

An employer will never tell you to perform a certain task before hiring you, I wish it was that simple, but you can always prove your skills by showing your work experience or your work samples.

This is where your Resume/CV/Portfolio starts to show its magic. An employer usually cares about three major things in your Portfolio: your education, your work experience/ work samples, and extracurricular activities.

Make sure that wherever or whomever you worked for before has provided you with a certification at a minimum. If you could get a referral out of them, that would be amazing. A referral could prove to be the most important part of your Job Application.

Praise from another professional person always looks good on you.

Also, make sure that your work samples highlight your skills and the ones relevant for the job post

Don’t overwhelm your application with work samples. Keep it simple. Provide 2-3 of your best work along with your resume and a killer cover letter.

Lastly, don’t get upset when your application gets rejected. Everyone faces rejections. Instead, work on improving those skills and keep adding more value to yourself.


  • Have the correct mindset (Don’t beg and nobody owes you anything)
  • Research about the job and the company. Gather all the required information.
  • Start acquiring all the required skills one-by-one.
  • Keep adding more value to yourself. (work samples and experience)
  • Prove that you have all the necessary skills required for the job.
  • Don’t lose hope, keep trying and keep adding value to yourself.
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