Weight loss and staying fit without spending much

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Obesity affects more than 11% of men and 15% of women living on this planet. As a result, weight loss becomes a necessity. These statistics will only grow due to the rise in desk jobs in this modern era.

If you go to any weight-loss expert or a dietitian, they will probably tell you to exercise and eat healthy food. Which is 100% correct as that is “weight-loss 101” or “staying fit 101.”

Any article or person telling you otherwise is probably trying to scam you. The truth is that weight-loss is a difficult task to achieve. It requires discipline and perseverance.

But this article is not about how you can achieve weight loss, it’s about how you can stay fit without spending much. Whether you believe me or not, weight-loss or staying fit requires three things;

  • Regular exercise,
  • Healthy eating habits, and
  • Money

Yes, it requires money, lots of it.

From buying gym membership to paying a dietitian. From getting a diet plan to buying healthy food to maintain that diet plan. Everything related to fitness requires money.

But whom can you blame? It’s a huge market, One of the biggest and fastest-growing.

On average, maintaining a diet full of junk food is significantly cheaper than maintaining a healthy one. Buying a hotdog is cheaper than buying a subway sandwich or a Ceasar salad. This results in an average middle-class person (literally) not being able to afford to lose weight.

Pretty ironic, right?

My weight loss experience

explaining weight loss
Image by zuzyusa from Pixabay

There was a time when I was weighing around 122 kgs, holy fuck! Yeah… I know. But in the next six months, I lost more than 20 kgs. All that without spending much.

I went to a dietitian after I lost 6 kgs in the first week of my weight loss journey. He told me that I had lost a significant amount of muscle mass; increasing my body fat percentage. In other words, I lost weight, not fat.

I didn’t expect to hear those words. He wasn’t trying to scam me. It was the truth.

At the time, I didn’t fully acknowledge the fact that muscle loss is natural during weight loss. Of course, there are ways to minimalize it, but the inevitable truth is that it’ll occur to some degree.

The goal is to lose fat and build stronger muscles.

I wanted to minimalize muscle loss but I also couldn’t afford the dietitian’s fee. But If I could, I would’ve and I suggest you do the same.

Anyways, I came up with a plan of my own.

Before I give you some tips, keep in mind that:

  • These tips are taken from my personal experience. They might not help you in the same way as they helped me.
  • To some degree, muscle loss will occur during weight loss.
  • I still highly suggest you consult with a professional.

Let’s get started…

Staying fit without buying a gym membership

woman exercising without spending money.
Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

First, let’s get the easy things out of the way. Which is to burn calories without spending money.

You don’t need a gym membership to lose weight or to stay fit

Yes, it does help you keep on track but it’s not compulsory. Neither is exercising.


But you still have to burn enough calories every day if you wish to stay fit.

Whether you choose to go to the gym or not. Whether you choose to exercise or not. It all highly depends upon the lifestyle that you perceive. For example, a construction worker doesn’t need to hit the gym or workout daily. But on the other hand, a person with a desk job does.

Let’s focus on people with a desk job or similar lifestyle as they’re more prone to being obese.

Wake up early

I am not the first one to tell you this, neither will I be the last. Waking up early is extremely beneficial.

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Extra time
  • Burning more calories
  • Being more productive
  • Staying more active throughout the day

The most common trait between healthy and fit, not to mention rich people, is that they all wake up early in the morning. You should try it out too.

A simple way to make sure you wake up early is that you buy an alarm clock and keep it in the living room. That way you have to walk to shut it off. Do not, I repeat, do not keep your phone as an alarm clock.

Another way is to make a list of things you’ll do after waking up, set an alarm, and go to sleep your normal time. When the alarm goes off, jump for a minute. This helps the blood circulation and helps you wake up. Do not doze off throughout the day and when the night comes, you’ll automatically go to sleep early.

Create your workout sessions

Creating a workout routine for weight loss and staying fit
Image by Vidmir Raic from Pixabay

If you are not going to go to the gym or paying a professional trainer, then you need to design your workout sessions.

A professional trainer, just like us, is a human. All the knowledge that he/she possesses came from a source or sources. All you need to do is check those sources out. Don’t get me wrong, a professional will still be a professional due to years of experience.

But you can always learn the basics. And the basics are enough to keep you fit and active.

You could start by not working out but by playing a sport or hiking or something similar. There are extremely fun ways to burn a lot of calories.

But let’s say, you only have about 30 minutes to spare for exercise. In that case, you don’t have enough time to play a sport or go hiking. You should create a workout routine.

A general tip would be to not take the elevator and use the stairs instead. Walk instead of driving for smaller distances.

Eating for weight loss and staying fit without spending much

Healthy habits for weight loss without spending much
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Now comes the tough part of losing weight and staying fit without spending a fortune. When it comes to fitness, the most amount of money is spent on maintaining a healthy diet.

Only discipline and desire aren’t enough. Every other guy’s got them.

Just like burning calories, your diet also highly depends upon many factors.

  • Your lifestyle
  • Your body
  • Metabolic rate
  • Age
  • sex
  • Location
  • Climate
  • Etc.

And so there’s no certain way for me to tell you a foolproof diet plan which will help you lose weight. But I can and will give you tips which will work, regardless of any factors.

Eat your breakfast

I can hear you say wtf! But trust me when I say breakfast helps you lose weight and stay fit.

Studies show that people who eat two breakfasts a day are more likely to be fit than people who don’t eat breakfast even once.

The benefits of eating breakfast are many but some off the top of my head are;

  • Helps you stay active
  • Makes you less hungry throughout the day
  • Improvement in memory

I bet your parents don’t sound so stupid now when they told you to wake up early and eat breakfast.

Drink loads of water

Man drinking water
Image by Olichel Adamovich from Pixabay

“Water is life,” a very famous quote and the truest.

Without water, our bodies cannot function properly. To digest, absorb, and distribute the nutrients we consume, water needs to be present in our body.

Which reminds me, I need to drink water…

But drinking lots of water also helps you to eat less. When water is present in your belly, your stomach tells your brain that you are not hungry. Resulting in you eating less.

Eggs are your new best friend

From the moment you start hitting the gym and working out, eggs become your best friend. Especially, boiled eggs.

One whole egg has only 75 calories but 7 grams of high-quality protein, 5 grams of fat, and 1.6 grams of saturated fat, along with iron, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids. Egg whites have protein while the yolk has fats, vitamins, and other nutrients.

And the best part about eggs? They’re cheap. Like cheap, cheap!

You can eat them at breakfast, lunch, mid-day meal, or dinner. I would suggest a few things though:

  • If your goal is weight loss then don’t eat more than two whole eggs a day.
  • Only protein isn’t enough to stay fit. If there are not enough carbohydrates and fats present in your diet, consuming protein is worthless. Your body will start breaking it for energy.
  • So don’t just eat eggs, also eat something to accompany the protein present in it.

Eating habits for weight loss

There are a few routines that everyone trying to achieve fitness should try:

  • Intermittent fasting
    • Helps you eat less
    • Makes you drink more water
    • It’s not a diet plan and thus doesn’t require you to spend money
    • Helps you stay active throughout the day
    • Very simple to understand and follow
  • Calculating your macros and dividing them into meals
    • Helps you keep track of your progress
    • Your body digests the food faster
    • Helps with weight loss
  • Rather than eat a hot dog, eat a banana or brown bread.

A simple, healthy, tasty, yet cheap recipe for weight loss and staying fit

My dinner recipe for weight loss
Image by RitaE from Pixabay

When I started working out, my diet throughout the day was great but I had no clue what to eat at dinner. I didn’t want to eat boiled vegetables. My friend saved me…

Step 1- Buy vegetables like french beans, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, etc. Vegetables that are healthy and you like. You can’t stay fit and healthy without eating vegetables.

Step 2- Take a non-stick pan. If you don’t have one, use oil. Just don’t use a lot.

Step 3- Cut the vegetables and cook them. Sprinkle some salt and spices. Note that if you want to add tomatoes, do so towards the end.

Step 4- After about 5 minutes, serve it and eat.



  • Weight loss and fit lifestyle requires money
  • You don’t need a gym to lose weight, just an active lifestyle
  • Wake up early in the morning and exercise
  • Eat your breakfast
  • Don’t forget to drink water
  • Eggs, eggs, and more eggs
  • Form an eating routine
  • Tryout my friend’s recipe
Please help me spread the word 🙂


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